Weekly Update

9 June 2022


Go Rangers!  One week until the state tournaments.  Practice opportunities are:

Saturday, June 11th, ATA shoot at SG&R.  This can be a good competition style prep.

Sunday, June 12th   3-6 pm

Wednesday, June 15th  5-7 pm

The sporting clays team will be shooting their virtual tournament of 100 targets on the 12th and 15th.


Clay Target league State Tournament at Blackwing:

Skeet is June 17th at 1 pm.  Fields will be open at 10 am for practice/warmup. 

Trap is June 18th at 9 am.  Blackwing has fields open for practice on Friday from 10 am to 7:30 pm

Squads will be posted on our webpage.

For the trap tournament, we are the largest team, and we are on fields 7 & 8 with 8 squads per field (we are sharing field 7 with 3 squads from Olentangy Liberty HS).  Each squad will shoot 50 targets.  You go up to the field, place your second box of shells on the 27 yard line. When the first round of 25 is done, you take a break only to get your second box, and you immediately go back to the line to shoot the next 25 targets.  When every squad has shot their 50 targets, we immediately start the rotation over again.

Figuring roughly 30 minutes for each squad to shoot 50 targets, you can see that the last squad won’t be shooting their first session until about 1230 pm.  It’s a lot of waiting around.  I would like everyone to be there by 8:30 am, especially the first 2-3 squads on each field.  It’s important that everyone knows which squad they are on, which squad you are following, and are ready to shoot immediately after the squad ahead of you finishes.  We don’t want to be the last ones shooting and holding up the awards presentation!  Coaches will be dogging you to keep things moving!

Shooters: be sure you are well rested for the tournament.  Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather conditions, but of course wear your team Jersey.  I’m sure we will be doing some more pictures.  The day prior start mentally preparing yourself, going over your pre-shot routine, visualizing going up the line, setting your feet, taking a slow deep breath to relax, mounting the gun, calling for the target, and breaking the target.  Visualize shots on each station.  At shoot time, watch the squads in front of you.  Notice how the targets are looking, how they are flying, what the background is like.  You may find you will have to slightly adjust your hold point, or try to take the target a little sooner (or not).  You should go up to the line with a plan.

We will have tents set up near our shooting location.  Extended forecast for next week looks hot and sunny, so be sure to bring hats, sunblock.  If you have different lenses for your shooting glasses, I would recommend rose or purple lenses.  On Saturday, we will have drinks, snacks and hot dogs, or bring your own.  When not shooting, watch your teammates and give them encouragement. We are a team. 

SCTP / Lorain County Youth Trap Team

Sporting Clays is at Eagles Nest on Sunday, June 19th.  Start time is 1:30 pm.  Please be there by 12:30 pm so we can organize the group.  As I recall, last year they were selling a dinner there at midday.  You should have received by email a copy of the voucher showing times, locations, squads.  Contact me if you don’t have that.

Trap is at Cardinal, Monday, June 20th.  We start shooting at 8am with squads going off every 15 minutes.  I believe they are using 4 banks, so you will rotate to a different field after each 25 targets.  Again, you should have received by email a copy of the voucher with squads, times and locations (we are at location 5).  The rotation will start over again in the afternoon for the second 100 targets.

Same advice about preparation as above, with the caveat that some of you have 2 additional days of shooting, so you will have to deal with fatigue.  All the more important to get adequate rest.  Bring a cooler with drinks/sandwiches.  There should be vendors there as well.

Watch the website next week for any last-minute changes.  I will see you all at practice this week.  I’m looking forward to the tournament, having success, and having fun.

Coach Grant