Weekly Update

17 May 2022


Well, there are just a few more scores to shoot on Wednesday, and the regular season is over.  We just have to sit back and wait until Sunday to know our final results/standings.  We should know them by the time Fun Day begins. No matter the results, congratulations to everyone on a fine season.  I thought it ran smoothly, everyone did their part and helped in some way, we stayed safe, and we all learned some things.  Many of you made big improvements in your shooting.  And I know I enjoyed working with everyone.

For our week 5 scores, SHOUT OUT to Connor Campbell, Jesse Scott, and Rhiannon Vance who had 25 straights.  Also to Lila Curtis (40), Jasmine Sink (39), and Owen Dunlap (41) which I believe are personal bests. 

We had some fine skeet scores too.  Carson McMinn a 41, Ethan Kreinbrink and Emily Klepper 39, and Aiden Bohach a 36, showing lots of improvement.  Ethan also had a 45 in Sporting Clays. 

This Sunday at 3 pm is FUN DAY.  If you haven’t already done so, please respond on FB or by email if you will be attending.  Awards/recognition will occur, along with eating, and shooting games.

 Although the regular season is over, we aren’t done.  The state tournament is coming up on June 17 for skeet and June 18 for trap, at the Blackwing Center in Delaware, OH.  So we need to practice and focus our minds, on this event.  It will be competitive, since only our BEST FIVE scores will count for the team event.  We will continue to practice on Wednesday at 5 and Sunday at 3 up until the tournament, with the exception of Memorial Day Weekend.  Look at your season average.  If it is below 14.99 you will be competing individually in the novice division.  If it is between 15 and 18.99 you will be competing in the JV division, and 19 and above is in the varsity division.  I think we can be competitive in all 3 classes.

There is an ATA shoot at SG&R this Saturday, May 21 and again on June 11th.  This would be good practice for the state tournament.  Everyone on the SCTP team is an ATA member already, but others can easily sign up prior to the shoot if you wish to participate. Cost is $35, which is only $15 more than if you came out and shot 100 rounds on your own.  You are going to have to shoot 100 targets in one day at the state tournament, not something all of you are used to doing.